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Master Your Holiday Hunger: 3 Tips To Keep Your Holiday Hunger From Weighing You Down

November 19, 2019

The holidays bring many things—family time, cheerful decorations, seasonal advertisements, and an avalanche of sugary sweets and indulgent dishes. While most of this holiday food is delicious, putting too much of it in your body at once can you leave you feeling fatigued or run-down right when you’re supposed to be celebrating!

How can this be avoided? For starters, do your best to track down the quality proteins, good fats, and good carbs that are hiding within your sea of seasonal dishes. The Zing Vitality Triangle is present even at the holiday dinner table, so long as you know where to look! That same table, however, is also full of decadent pies and casseroles. To help you out, we’re offering up 3 easy tips for staying energized and upbeat while still partaking in your family’s favorite holiday fare:

Stay hydrated. Almost every holiday dinner or get-together is going to offer up a lot of booze and sweets. Water intake can help you feel full before you reach for that second slice of pie, as well as keep your thirst quenched and your drinks coming and going at a moderate pace. As our bodies often confuse dehydration with hunger, it can be particularly helpful to make sure you’re drinking enough water.

Take lots of walks. There’s an opportunity following most holiday meals or dinner parties to take a brisk walk. Take it! Walking right after a meal can help kickstart your metabolism. In fact, post-meal walks as short as 15 minutes have been found to aid in digestion and improve blood sugar levels. They can also help boost your overall blood flow

Practice gratitude during your downtime. In between parties and holiday visits, it can be very tempting to de-stress or unwind with more holiday treats. Given how good sugar is at producing instant gratification, it is no surprise that our first thought is to reach for another cookie. However, cultivating different ways to cope will not only keep your tummy feeling light, but it can also help you control your stress. For example, try listing off three positive things about the day whenever you have a chance!

Need to carry some Zing power with you to keep you satisfied and attentive throughout the seasonal hoopla? You can find us at groceries and specialty stores near you!

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