10 Quick & Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas for a stress-free holiday season

10 Quick & Easy Elf on the Shelf Ideas for a stress-free holiday season

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but can also be one of the most stressful times for parents everywhere... especially if you have an Elf on the Shelf you have to move every night! Here are 10 quick & easy elf activities you can incorporate into your home with items you already have on hand.
  1. Elf Wearing Underwear: For this idea, you will need a pair of your child’s underwear. Simply hang the underwear on the wall with tape or place the elf in a place where it can be supported by a wall (mainly so it can look like the elf is wearing the underwear).  Dress the elf in your child’s underwear with its legs sticking out through the leg holes. Create a sign that says “I see London. I see France. I’m hanging out in your underpants,” and place near the elf. This can be accomplished within minutes, and is sure to make your child laugh from their BOTTOM to their top- that is unless they are butt hurt about their underwear getting taken away…

  2. Hap-pee Holidays!: For this idea, you will need yellow food dye/lemonade/a yellow bath bomb tablet/or anything that could turn your toilet water yellow. Simply pour this in the toilet to give the toilet water that yellow color and create a sign that says, “HAP-PEE Holidays!” Or, if your child has been naughty, you could even write, “Santa said URINE trouble!” Place your elf on the top of the toilet to make it look like it was the elf that peed in the toilet. Just a little potty humor that’s sure to make your child pee their own pants with laughter!

  3. Toilet Paper Snowflakes: For this idea, you will need a pair of scissors and a roll of toilet paper. To get the snowflake look, unroll several squares of toilet paper but do not detach it from the roll.  Carefully fold up the toilet paper so that it is layered on top of each other, and cut the way you would for a paper snowflake. Create a sign that says, “Wishing you nothing BUTT a very merry Christmas. Make sure to wipe!” Then voila, an easy idea that doesn’t wipe you out!

  4. Snow Angels: For this idea, you will need powdered sugar/flour/baking soda/or anything else that can coat an area with a white powdered look. For an easy clean up afterwards, grab a baking sheet which you can line with wax paper or plastic wrap and pour the white powder onto it. Pour enough so that when you lay the elf down, it reaches above his head and feet.  Then lay your elf down and take their arms and legs and drag them in the white powder in such a way to give the snow angel look. You can create a sign that says, “You’ve been a perfect angel lately” or “Let’s make snow angels.” 

  5. Hershey Kisses: For this idea, you will need aluminum foil, white paper, and a blue marker or crayon/access to a color printer. Simply unroll some aluminum foil and place your elf in the middle of the sheet. Fold the aluminum foil up around the elf to give it the shape of a Hershey Kiss. Then using a white piece of paper and blue marker/crayon write “Kisses” and stick in the aluminum foil with the elf. You can create a note that says, “Sending you big kisses your way” and pair with some real life Hershey Kisses if you have some on hand. It’s a sweet idea too cute not to try!

  6. Toilet Paper Snowman: For this idea, you will need 3 rolls of toilet paper, a black marker/piece of construction paper, and an orange marker/piece of construction paper. Simply stack the 3 rolls of toilet paper on top of one another. Draw a face on the top and buttons on the bottom two. Put your elf in the middle of the three rolls! 

  7. Donation Collection: For this idea, you will need either a large box or trash bag.  Have the elf hanging out of the box or holding onto the trash bag with a note asking your child to collect toys they no longer play with to donate to other boys and girls this holiday season. It is a quick and easy way to incorporate the magic of the season and teach the idea of giving back at an early age!

  8. Movie Night: For this idea, you will need a remote, blanket and a bag of popcorn if you have it. Position the elf on the couch with a blanket and a remote. For added effect, you can have a popcorn bag/container out next to the elf. There are many different websites where you can also print movie tickets to set aside for your child. 

  9. Bringing Breakfast: For this idea, you will need a box of cereal, Zing Bar, or any other breakfast items your child enjoys as well as the utensils to eat it.  Have your elf pose near the box holding the utensils, or cut a hole in the box/packaging and have your elf poking out of it. Pair it with a sign that says, “I made you breakfast.” It’ll be a great start to your child’s day- one that will allow them to start with a zing of energy!

  10. Chilling Out: For this idea, you will need a refrigerator and small piece of cloth/fabric. Put your elf in the refrigerator and wrap the elf in a blanket/washcloth/piece of fabric. You can pair this with a note that says, “Santa says you need to chill out!” or if your child is behaving, “Your house is nice and cozy, but I missed the temperatures at the North Pole.”

Hopefully these ideas help get you through the rest of the holiday season with just a little less stress. Merry Christmas & best of luck to all of you magic makers this season! Make sure to give yoursELF a pat on the back - you deserve it!


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