embrace the convenience of zing with our subscribe and save program!

designed for the on-the-go lifestyle of busy parents (just like us), our subscription service ensures you never run out of your favorite nutritious snacks and saves you 20% on every order. by having zing delivered directly to your door, you'll always have a wholesome, energizing treat at your fingertips. enjoy the flexibility to customize your order, the freedom to adjust delivery schedules, and the peace of mind with hassle-free, timely reminders. subscribe now and make healthy snacking one less thing to worry about. simply follow the steps below, and start nourishing yourself and your family members with a snack you can trust™.


create your account

start by clicking the button above to create your personal account.


shop bars

choose your favorite bars, select "subscribe and save 20%" and choose your delivery frequency.


check out

simply add to cart, go through the check out process, and you're done!

Zing Bars
Zing Bars

already a subscriber?

manage your account by logging in below. should you require assistance, don't hesitate to contact us at info@zingbars.com.


what is subscribe & save?

subscribe and save allows you to receive automatic shipments of your favorite zing bar flavors at a discount of 20%.

is there a minimum to subscribe & save?

you can place a subscriptions order for any number of bars or flavors. we recommend that you aim for at least $65, so that each shipment qualifies for free shipping. you will never be locked into your subscription order, and you can cancel at any time. three days prior to shipping, we will send out an email that allows you to modify your order on a recurring basis, if you wish to do so.

when can i expect for my subscribe & save to start?

your first order is automatically sent, and subsequent orders are sent at the frequency you chose at check out. options include 1-week to 3-month intervals. frequency can be adjusted at any time in your “Manage Subscriptions” section.

if i subscribe at a discounted rate, will the rate continue for the duration of my subscription?

no, the subscription renewal pricing is based on the current listed price on our website at the time of renewal. while subscribing during a sale or promotional event provides discounted pricing for the initial order, subsequent subscription renewals will be processed at the prevailing product prices. we recommend checking our website for the most up-to-date pricing information before your subscription renews.

when will my credit card be charged?

the credit card that you have on file will be charged on the day you start your initial subscription order, then will be charged on the frequency that you selected. for example, If you place an order on February 28th for a monthly recurring subscription, then March 28th is the next time your card will be charged.

how do I adjust my subscribe & save subscription?

you can change/add flavors, update your credit card information, or adjust your ship date on your subscription by logging into your account. from there, click on manage subscriptions and choose the options you would like to modify. if you wish to update the flavor(s) you are receiving, please note that the day of your change will be the new date of your shipment. this only occurs on flavor changes, or if you adjusted your ship date.

how do i cancel subscription?

your subscription can be cancelled at any time by logging into your account and updating your subscription in the manage subscriptions section. if you need any additional help, please feel free to give us a call at (206) 362-3989.

Zing Bars