5 Must-Have Items For Your Hospital Bag

5 Must-Have Items For Your Hospital Bag

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Pregnant people have a lot to think about. From eating the right foods to keeping up with doctor’s appointments, growing a tiny human requires a lot of thought. And along with remembering to take your prenatal and start shopping for maternity pants, there is one detail that may be easy to forget but is incredibly important to remember – packing a hospital bag.

Assuming you will be delivering in a hospital setting, having the right supplies on-hand can be a lifesaver. And having your bag packed and ready to grab once those labor pains set in will be something you will be extremely thankful for.

 Thinking about what to have packed and ready-to-go once you are ready to deliver can feel like one more thing that you have to think about. But with a little forethought and pre-planning, you can pack your bag with ease to ultimately help you feel more comfortable and prepared during your hospital stay.

Among the many items that can be packed in your hospital bag, here are five must-haves that many mothers-to-be swear by.


Non-perishable and nutrient-dense snacks are a must-have for hospital bags for many reasons. While many health care providers won’t allow you to eat solid food when you are in active labor, there is no reason to limit your noshing once the baby has arrived. And if you were in labor for a long period of time, snacks will be a welcomed addition since you will likely be famished and ready for some nutrition.

One balanced, portable, and delicious snack that can be tossed into a hospital bag is ZING bars. These natural, plant-based, protein bars are jam-packed with important nutrients that your body will be craving once baby has arrived, including protein, healthy fats, and many vitamins and minerals. Vegan, soy-free, and non-GMO, these protein bars can be a lifesaver when you need balanced nutrition and the hospital cafeteria is closed, or if you crave something sweet but you need a protein boost to boot.

Extra long phone charger

Hospital beds are notorious for being placed far away from a wall plug. Avoid the risk of draining your phone battery and missing out on opportunities to capture precious moments with your little one, and toss an extra long phone charger in your bag. While it may sound like a basic addition, it is something you will be happy to have.

Honey sticks

Depending on your health care provider’s practice, you may be allowed to enjoy small amounts of honey when you are in labor to give your body some quick energy without potential risks. As long as your doctor is ok with it, toss some honey sticks in your bag so you can suck them down if your labor process ends up being longer than you planned and you need a boost of energy ASAP.

Your toiletries

Just like you would bring your toothbrush and deodorant to a hotel, you will need these essentials when you go to the hospital. Do yourself a favor and buy a new set of your toiletry essentials so you can pack them ahead of time. The last thing you are going to want to do as you are rushing out of your house to make it to the hospital is remember to pack your hair brush.  

Pro tip: If you have longer hair, toss some extra hair ties into your hospital bag too. They will be put to good use.


Having a pack of gum at your disposal can do more than freshen up bad breath. If you deliver via c-section, popping that gum in your mouth may help your recovery. In fact, data shows that chewing sugar-free gum after a c-section resulted in a shorter time for the GI system to kick back into gear, and a shorter discharge time.

a well-stocked hospital bag

When you enter your third trimester, along with picking out cute baby outfits and the right paint color for your nursery, packing your hospital bag before you go into labor needs to be on your to-do list. From loading up on nourishing ZING protein bars to making sure you have an extra long phone cord when you are in the hospital, a little pre-planning can certainly go a long way.