Hazelnuts and Coconuts: Two Powerhouse Nutrients for Hormonal Balance

Hazelnuts and Coconuts: Two Powerhouse Nutrients for Hormonal Balance

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At Zing, we believe the right foods can support and nourish our bodies. The food we eat has a direct effect on our overall health, energy, sleep, hormones, performance and more. Our Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Bars, for example, are loaded with hazelnuts and coconuts. These are two whole foods that balance hormones in females as they provide Vitamin E, antioxidants, B Vitamins, and trace minerals like Manganese. When women have issues with hormones, it’s not an easy fix. The problem doesn’t disappear with one small change. It’s a balancing act. It’s about achieving balance among the totality of all hormones. While there are several different ways to correct and balance hormones, including supplements, acupuncture and other holistic therapies, food and nutrition always create a strong foundation for healing.

Foods that Balance Hormones in Females: Hazelnuts and Coconuts

Nuts in general are a healthy staple for everyday nutrition. However, Hazelnuts and Coconuts have a specific nutritional composition that helps balance hormones and support female wellness. They are both rich in:
  • Vitamin E
  • Antioxidants
  • B Vitamins
  • Trace minerals, including Manganese
  • Phytoestrogens

Each of these nutrients blend together for nourishing hormone health in our Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Bars made with hazelnuts and coconuts.

Vitamin E For Estrogen Dominance

Hazelnuts are rich in Vitamin E, which can boost progesterone levels in women who struggle with estrogen dominance. Progesterone is a female sex hormone that regulates the menstrual cycle, supports fertility and even plays a role in developing the fetus. When progesterone levels are low women can experience abnormal menstrual cycles, infertility and miscarriage. Since women are always looking to balance hormones, Vitamin E can be a savior for stabilizing estrogen.

Antioxidants To Flush Everyday Toxins

Our body works everyday to detoxify the many hormone mimicking toxins that we consume or slather on our skin. Zing Bars works overtime to create products using ingredients that support clean, whole body health and nutrition. However, toxins are all around us. Women, especially, need to take extra steps to support the body in its detoxification systems and processes. Both hazelnuts and coconuts contain antioxidants that kill damaging free radicals that are located throughout the body. Combine these nuts with the antioxidants found in dark chocolate and it’s a double dose of detox!

B Vitamins Key To Hormone Health

B Vitamins pack a punch when it comes to women’s health. They support several physiological systems in the human body including detoxification, mood, production of hormones and neurotransmitters, and metabolism. Hazelnuts and coconuts contain several different types of Vitamin B, including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9. This healthy combination supports mood elevation, alleviates symptoms of PMS, addresses pain tolerance and muscle cramps, and detoxifies estrogen.

Manganese Reduces PMS

The two hormone powerhouse nuts, hazelnuts and coconuts, also boast trace minerals of Manganese and Copper. These two little known minerals have been found to decrease mood swings and cramps. Manganese is a trace mineral that is found mostly in bones, the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. It helps the body form connective tissue, bones, blood clotting factors, and sex hormones. In addition, copper is an essential nutrient and antioxidant that contributes to bone health, immune function and hormone balance.

Phytoestrogens Promote Estriol

Why is estrogen dominance, or having excess estrogen, one of the biggest hormonal challenges that women face today? Women are supposed to have safe levels of the estrogen, Estriol (good estrogen), to keep hormones in balance. However, in today’s world, there are hundreds of chemicals, products and ingredients that are loaded with xenoestrogens (bad estrogen), or estrogen mimickers. Xenoestrogens cause our levels of estrogen to skyrocket, which can result in PMS, cramps, endometriosis, heavy and irregular periods, acne, weight gain, ovarian cysts, infertility, and even breast cancer. Nutrition is always a good place to start to give your body a strong foundation for healing. Phytoestrogens, found in hazelnuts and coconuts, are foods that promote and support production of Estriol (good estrogen), keeping xenoestrogens at bay.

Zing Bars Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Protein Bars For Hormone Health

The world of nutrition can be an overwhelming mess of information, but Zing Bars strives to translate that world into approachable, everyday “bite-sized” pieces. We truly believe in the power of food. Our mission is to create nourishing, real food bars that not only taste good, but provide true nutrients for health and healing. Try our dark chocolate hazel nut protein bars, or dark chocolate coconut protein bars made with nutrient dense ingredients like hazelnuts and coconuts, to support your specific health and healing needs.