Fueling the Frontline

Fueling the Frontline

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Currently, doctors, nurses, aids, and medical employees are working around the clock to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities during an ongoing worldwide pandemic. From headlines and social feeds, many of us are aware of medical supply shortages, as well as the long hours and stressful conditions being endured by healthcare professionals across the globe. These workers are risking their lives daily to help people, sometimes even isolating themselves to keep their loved ones safe. Through this emotionally draining and physically taxing experience, we want to share a message of appreciation and admiration for those healthcare workers on the front lines.

As a company founded by Registered Dietitians, we work with many of the same medical professionals who are now lending a hand during this crisis. To pay it forward, Zing Bars is donating our nutritionist-approved snack bars to healthcare facilities requesting our support all around the country. Without time for a full meal, these frontline workers need quick, tasty nourishment to fuel their life-saving mission.

Wondering what you can do to help?

  • First and foremost, consider donating medical supplies, food, or money to charities supporting frontline workers. This could be a local charity, or nationwide and global initiatives, such as DirectRelief, the CDP COVID-19 Response Fund, and the CDC Foundation's Emergency Response Fund.

  • There is also an urgent need for blood donations! Schedule an appointment to donate blood or help support the American Red Cross in providing blood transfusions to the patients who need them.

  • If you have the time and materials, consider sewing masks for healthcare workers or volunteering for a local charity. While essential supplies like face masks and goggles are in high demand all over the country, the people who need them the most are our frontline workers. Avoid buying a surplus of these items, and lend a hand instead!

  • Lastly, keep yourself safe. The best thing you can do to help is to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and healthy. With a focus on nutrient-dense foods, consistent exercise, regular hand washing, and social distancing, we can help reduce the number of patients that need care at medical facilities. If you need tips on eating for immunity support, read our blog on Immunity Boosting Nutrition where we share the key nutrient to focus on for a healthy immune system.

Join us in sharing our admiration and appreciation for frontline workers! In this unprecedented crisis, healthcare workers have demonstrated their resilience, selflessness, and incredible capacity to give care. We thank each one of them from the bottom of our hearts. Stay safe and healthy. Your strength inspires all of us in these troubling times!