Gluten-Free Blogs We Love

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The Daily Dietribe What’s the deal? Iris Higgins is the author of The Essential Gluten-Free Baking Guides 1 & 2. She has many other food sensitivities, so most of her recipes are gluten, dairy, egg and sugar-free. She is studying for her Master’s degree in nutrition and is recovering from a binge-eating disorder. We love her balanced, non-judging views on food and special diets, and her open and personal writing on living with multiple health issues. Other reasons to love this blog?
  1. She focuses on not just eating gluten-free, but self care and meditation (and couldn’t we all use more of that?)
  2. She gives you measures of dry ingredients in both cups and grams.
  3. Her recipes are so down to earth. I feel like I could pull up any of these and whip them up with whatever I have in my pantry, with enough time left to actually do the dishes. Try her Cinnamon Chocolate Cookies.
The Spunky Coconut What’s the deal? Dessert lovers, put down that hocky-puck of a gluten-free cookie you’re eating, and take note. Kelly V. Brozyna is the author of 3 cookbooks that take gluten, casein and egg-free baking to new heights. Be ready to salivate over her decadent photos of everything from fudge to kiwi mango pops. You’ll get lost in the photos of strawberry layer cakes and pretty pies. She uses natural sweeteners and avoids sugar in many recipes; but if you don’t have a sweet tooth… best to move on. Other reasons to love this blog?
  1. She had the creativity to riff on her favorite off-limits dessert: Boston Cream doughnuts, and makes a gluten-free version using butternut squash, cashew milk, vanilla stevia and coconut cream.
  2. The raw-inspired recipes are so doable! Check out her Sour Cherry Acai and Chocolate Chip Bars.
  3. Her posts are conversational, and make you feel like you’re chatting about food with another gluten-free friend (who happens to be a culinary genius).
Nourishing Meals What’s the deal? Alissa Segersten, co-author of the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook, writes this blog to help people not just cut gluten out of the diet – but to eat nourishing, nutrient-dense meals forged from the best of nature. She blogs about cooking, baking, preserving, foraging and even fermenting her own foods. Alissa and her husband Tom are nutritionists who counsel those with food allergies and have a business in Bellingham, WA. Recipes are allergen-free. Other reasons to love this blog?
  1. If you’re a mom wanting ideas for allergen-friendly living, Alissa posts about healthy school lunches and packing food for traveling with a family.
  2. You are a do-it-yourself-er and want to know how to make your own Powdered Coconut Sugar.
  3. She actually explains what an elimination diet is, and how to do it all by yourself.
Celiac Teen What’s the Deal? Lauren is the most endearing and heartfelt blogger you’ll meet online, regardless of age. She is 19 and has been blogging since age 15 about living life with celiac disease. She shares recipes and travel stories about living for a summer in France. Other reasons to love this blog?
  1. Her simple yet precocious musings on life are refreshing and hopeful.
  2. She makes everyday recipes like Fluffy Pumpkin Pancakes and also tackles pastry recipes meant for 4-star restaurants.
  3. Lauren is inspiring to young people who may be struggling with their diagnosis. She was recently featured in Teen Vogue magazine.
What blogs are you reading these days? We’d love to know!
Christine Weiss MS, RD is a dietitian and Bastyr University graduate who counsels people dealing with food allergies, diabetes and digestive issues. She loves working with Zing Bars to raise awareness about healthy living through online media. She can be found at Eating It Up online.