Meet the Founders Part IV: Minh Hai Alex, MS, RDN

Meet the Founders Part IV: Minh Hai Alex, MS, RDN

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Our final Founder Feature, Minh Hai Alex, founded Zing because of her belief in nutritional recommendations that align with the real world, and her desire to take the stress out of food and promote self care. Keep reading for Minh Hai’s thoughts on being the parent of “picky” eaters, the Zing Triangle, and the right to feel satisfied.

“Though we advocate for the highest standards of nutrition, we understand that making time for it in the real world—especially as parents to opinionated eaters—is much more difficult.

Our solution is to create a craveworthy bar that contains the essential nutrients everyone needs to thrive and feel satisfied—adequate protein, good carbs, and good fats.

We recommend these every day to both our kids and our clients, and they are the foundation of what we’ve come to call the “Zing Triangle.”
Most of my clients come to me feeling burnt out on thinking and stressing about food constantly. I advocate for their right to feel satisfied – which is different than simply feeling full. Satisfaction involves getting enough nutrition and truly loving what you’re eating. So that you can focus your mental energy on the things in life that matter to you. I love hearing how Zing is an essential part of so many people’s toolkit for self-care.”

Minh-Hai Alex, MS, RDN sees clients at her practice Mindful Nutrition in Seattle, WA (Zing’s birthplace!). She works from a social-justice lens, incorporating Health At Every Size and Intuitive Eating principles in her practice to support clients struggling with chronic dieting, binge eating and body image distress. She’s currently training in trauma-informed somatic work to support her clients struggling with disordered eating. Minh-Hai is also mom to two young boys, a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and a yoga teacher in training. Her favorite thing to do in the world is to share good food, wine, conversation and laughter with her family and friends.