The Secret Ingredient: 3 Ways Loving Relationships Improve Your Quality of Life

The Secret Ingredient: 3 Ways Loving Relationships Improve Your Quality of Life

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At Zing, we love Valentine’s Day—not just for the opportunity to celebrate our partner, but also for the chance to appreciate the support and intimacy that’s required for each of us to thrive every single day! We encourage people to seek out things that support their vitality and sustain their energy. For most this includes nourishment, good sleep, and a positive attitude. However, one of the most important (and underappreciated) ingredients to a clear mind and robust energy is satisfying and supportive relationships.

This sort of support comes in many forms, ranging from close friendships to long-term romantic partnerships. In fact, there are many physical and mental health benefits to a loving relationship, whether friendly or romantic. To give a salute to all our wonderful “significant others” out there, whatever we may call them, we’ve gathered together 3 simple ways that loving relationships can enrich and improve your life:

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Better Overall Health

Studies show that friends and spouses can be an excellent support system while reaching towards goals. On top of that, people with close relationships tend to recover better from surgery and illness, given the active stream of support.

Confidence Boost

A Real Confidence Boost

If you have healthy, loving relationships, it can feel easier to improve yourself in almost every area of your life. This effect is called “The Michelangelo Phenomenon.” When a loving friend or partner, who already views you in a positive way, feeds that perspective back to you through conversations and interactions, it profoundly improves your own view of yourself.

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Longer Lifespan

People with strong social ties typically live longer than those who are more isolated. This is likely due to many factors of emotional and physical support, as well as general happiness. In fact, a 2010 study argued that a complete “lack of social relationships” could be nearly as damaging to your longevity as smoking cigarettes.

Valentine’s Day is more than a reason to buy flowers or chocolates. It’s an opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate all the loving relationships that improve your quality of life. What do you love and admire about these people? What do you love and admire about yourself?

These relationships give us more than just intimacy. They protect our vitality, much like good food and good sleep. So, Happy Valentine’s Day—from one steward of vitality to another.