Zing Bars Giveaway Winners for National Celiac Awareness Day 2012

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Thank you to everyone who entered our Zing bars Celiac Awareness Day giveaway! We were so touched and inspired by how many of you have been affected by celiac disease and other health problems in which going gluten-free has helped and enhanced your lives. Going gluten free has literally put that Zing back into your step! Feeling good and having good health is the ultimate reward.

We randomly drew three winners: Joy was the grand prize winner and two others, Judi and Amy, won runner-up prizes of an 8-bar Zing sampler package. Congratulations!

If you haven’t read their stories (and everyone else’s), I would highly recommend you take a look. Your stories are what inspire us every day to do what we do here at Zing. Your helping us raise awareness about celiac disease means that maybe others will begin to ask more questions about their own health issues, and try going gluten-free as well.